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Oxford Interactive Media in collaboration with Oxford Brookes and Oxford and Cherwell Valley College Developing and teaching IT courses including Computers and Internet for Beginner's, digital photography, desktop publishing, web design and flash animation for all people of Northway, Headington, Marston and Barton. Northway IT Centre monitor and supervise all learners with an aim to equip them with computing skills to help them to use computers for their leisure or to start using computers in their business or creative design.

Senior citizens living in Northway and around are taught the basics of word processing, emails and shopping online, in completely free-of-charge workshops. This is a part of Age UK collaboration with Oxford Brookes University. TheIntergenerational pilot project in Oxford City has shown to be beneficial in challenging ageism, bridging the gap between the generations and providing an opportunity for older people to enhance their quality of life. This pilot project designed to bring Oxford Brookes students
and older people in Oxford city to work together in learning activities and to allow younger and older to learn from each other.

Oxford Interactive Media
Working with Oxford and Cherwell Valley College at Northway IT Centre has provided IT courses for those unemployed or seeking employment. To date 280 learners have benefited from the IT facilities on offer and
Oxford Interactive Media
is expecting to expand the services in the coming months. These activities are managed by Ahmed Rahman, Age UK Community IT Development Officer and Northway’s IT manager.

In today's world almost all businesses use computers. So the demands for specialist skills are extremely high - and growing all the time. From using everyday E-mail, Microsoft Office software to desktop support, computer networking, programming and computer maintenance, it's a rich and varied sector. Whichever area you're interested in, we offer a range of IT and computing courses that will give you the skills you need.

Learn everything from how to use a computer confidently, to upgrading it and even programming. Our Microsoft Office course also includes the latest software.

Microsoft Office

    * Basic computing course designed to assist with work in any modern office and keep up with technology
    * Microsoft Word (Word processing)
    * Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheets)
    * Microsoft PowerPoint (Graphics)
    * Type letters, reports and add graphics
    * Produce charts, graphs and detailed calculations
    * Create presentations

Software supplied

Digital Media

Our range of Digital Media courses cover every aspect of digital design and application. Whether you're interested in DTP design, authoring multimedia projects, animation, digital Imaging, or web application design, our courses provide a fantastic way to enter the exciting and rewarding world of digital design.


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